Why I think the Dyson V6 is the best vacuum ever!

For an extremely light cordless cleaner that simply one of the best on the market for cleaning hard floors surfaces and carpets, the Dyson V6 is the cordless cleaner to invest in for several reasons.

Dyson is a brand that is known for packing a lot of power in their products and the Dyson V6 continues that tradition, offering a light wireless cleaner that is small enough to get to those impossible to reach areas, while packing a mighty punch compared to other types of vacuum cleaners twice its size. Potential buyers can turn to bestvacuumcleaner.reviews to get the latest news on the best vacuums currently on the market.


Not much has changed in their formula for churning out great vacuum cleaners and this latest one stands by their formula, featuring the motor above and the battery at the bottom. The handle carries the cleaner’s center of gravity, making it simple to lift and clean ceilings as well. Weighing in at only 2.7 kilograms, this is arguably one of the lightest cleaners on the market currently.


Easy to Use


Able to prevent up to 99.97% of dust, bacteria, and particles that escape into air spaces during cleaning, the Dyson is well suited to clear dust allergies and thus save those that are suffering as a result. The filter can be unscrewed and is easy to clean. The V6 is a versatile machine, boasting more accessories per average that much larger vacuums. Larger heads possess ball joints, making them articulate while changing course, with the ability to get close to corners and walls. With this innovative design, users are assured that no crevices are missed and there are no remnants of dirt and particles left on floors. Maintaining proper stairs maintenance doesn’t ever have to be a concern again with the Dyson V6.  A charging station that can be mounted on walls is able to hold all attachments into place when you don’t need them, and works also as a rack to store the vacuum.

Stellar Performance
The Dyson V6 offers premium performance, with the technology built in to preserve the air pressure that travels through the actual vacuum and capture the tiniest of dust particles for an exceptional cleaning experience. When the Dyson vacuum bag is empty, it is on par with larger, high-powered vacuums. The cleaner head for hard floors is ideal for those kitchen spills, able to pick up fine powders in one single sweep. The V6 is also perfect for sofas, car seats, and is effective for picking up particles that have had time to invest for the hour. One of the most important features for any user is battery life and Dyson’s running time is around twenty minutes, which is a respectable time frame for the brand. Using the Max mode is reserved primarily for large liquid spills and is not needed for those daily cleaning situations.

Since the Dyson V6 docking station also functions as a charger, it is advisable to have it charged to 100% once you begin using it as it takes 3.5 hours to charge up again. The advantage to having the Dyson V6 is that you are able to get a full charge while using it and suction is not compromised and suction maintains healthy as the battery empties.

Final Thoughts
Less costly than most premium cordless vacuums and equipped with a long battery life that allows you to clean your entire house, the Dyson V6 is able to offer great suction in a compact form. It is able to clean hard floors unlike most brands at its level, but does so in a much more effective and efficient manner. For users that have a home filled with carpet, the V6 is the perfect option to add to your collection at home. If you are on the search for the perfect vacuum that performs thoroughly, then the Dyson V6 is the ideal addition to your household. What are you waiting for? Check the Dyson V6 now.